The UAME Church General Missionary Society (formerly known as “Sisterhood Society”) was organized in the Spring of 1835, by our Founder and Bishop, Rt. Rev. Peter Spencer.


The General Missionary (Sisterhood) Society is made up of The Peter Spencer United Daughters of Conference, which are fund raisers to assist the Episcopal Residence, churches and conference and the Sr. Mite Missionaries, which provided aide, both financially and physical, visit the sick in the local church and community.


The Local Missionary Society continues to serve in the local church and community, by visiting the sick, assist the needy, sharing wise counsel with the young, supporting the local church and our UAME Church Conference.


Our motto: “If I can help somebody, as I pass along, then my living shall not be in vain.”


** Local Officers**

President – Sis. Kim R. Fulton

Vice Presidents – Sis. Clarissa J. Smith – Sis. Frances E. Morgan

Chaplain – Sis. Edith Jeffries

Asst. Chaplain – Sis. Ellen Jordan

Recording Secy./Treasurer – Sis. Doretha House

Correspondent Secy. – Sis. Theresa Morgan

Sargent at Arms – Sis. Monique Jordan


General President of the First & Fourth Districts

Sis. Patricia Rideout

General Vice Presidents

Sis. Sonya Amos & Sis. Denise Mills