Youth And Young Adults (YAYA)

Our Youth are our Today not our Tomorrow. Therefore, it is up to the seasoned Youth and seasoned Saints to grow and develop our Youth in the Word of God. Therefore, St. Mark is work diligently with the Youth to ensure they have a positive, safe, God-fearing environment in which to grow. We are taking steps to ensure their (Youth) spiritual growth by developing programs designed to fit “today’s” youth.

Youth Day – 3rd Sunday of every month where the youth participate in:

  • Reading Daily Bread
  • Welcoming Guests
  • Youth Choir
  • Praise Dance

A Better Me Program

The ‘A Better Me’ program is designed to bring an early awareness to youth about themselves. Te youth will be about to identify where they are in life today and determine the route they would like to take in the future. ‘A Better Me’ program is designed to provide the youth the means to build a stronger relationship with God, themselves, family, friend, and community. ‘A Better Me’ program will strengthen the youth understanding of their church and how it operates.

The program starts every May through August for ages 11 through 15

The Give Back

These Youths are also taught about the “Give Back” to members who support the YAYA all year round. The YAYA provide special gifts or events to the church to show their attitude of gratitude.